These infographics are great for visual learners of basic parliamentary procedure. A new infographic will come out every week. Compilations of infographics will be available soon in the form of blog posts. For suggestions, please e-mail or comment below!

Motions 101: This is a great introductory guide to the basic ranking motions, the motion types (subsidiary, privileged, main), and a brief foreshadowing of the motions ranking process! Look out for a new infographic in the coming weeks about the ranking and processing of motions.
incidental motions.png
This is a list of some of the most commonly used incidental motions. An infographic will be coming soon on how to handle incidental motions. (Hint: They aren’t ranked!)



Definition, Important Characteristics, and Types of a Deliberative Assembly
Motion (2).png
Processing a Main Motion Script/Guide
Guide to Voting Methods Part 1
Guide to Voting Methods Part 2
Rules of an Assembly/Organization
Credentials of a Professional Parliamentarian

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