Parliamentary Procedure Resources At Your Fingertips

Parliamentary procedure is beginning to develop into mobile applications on your phone or tablet device. Below are a couple of applications (either predominantly for parliamentary procedure or useful in that context):

Ready For the Question (Available on Android/Google Play Market only) ($0.99):

This mobile application allows you to input motions, and it will guide you from Point A (Making the Motion) to Point B (Voting/Disposing). It features main motions, subsidiary motions, privileged motions, and Fill in the Blank. New features will be available soon.

Magic Gavel® Basic (Available on Android and Apple Markets) ($9.99):

This mobile application is an interactive guide that makes finding the parliamentary procedure information that you need a lot less stressful (especially if you’re actually attending the meeting). Features include a motions list, meeting prep, guidelines on beginning to end of a meeting, vote calculator, notice calculator, speaker timer, and quorum calculator.

Precedence (Available on Android and Apple Markets) (Free):

While this mobile application is designed specifically for Student Congress and similar events/organizations, you can also use this tool to track speakers. It also has a brief parliamentary procedure guide/glossary of basic parliamentary procedure terms.


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