April is Parliamentary Law Month!

April is officially Parliamentary Law Month. Celebrate by presenting (or attending) a parliamentary procedure workshop, joining the National Association of Parliamentarians or American Institute of Parliamentarians, attending a practicum or annual session, or judging a parliamentary procedure contest for a student organization.


Text of Proclamation by New Jersey Governor

“Whereas, since April is the birth month of Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the first American manual of parliamentary procedure in 1801, it is an appropriate time to honor him and celebrate the use of parliamentary procedure; and

Whereas, it is also fitting to honor Henry Martyn Robert, author of Pocket Manual of Rules of Order, also known as Robert’s Rules of Order; and

Whereas, Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised is the most widely recognized and used parliamentary authority in public and private organizations; and

Whereas, April offers an opportune time to reflect on the importance of parliamentary procedure in meetings in providing for civil discourse, protecting individual rights, ensuring fairness and in maintaining order; and

Whereas, the New Jersey State Association of Parliamentarians, through affiliation with the National Association of Parliamentarians, is dedicated to the development to the promotion, development, and implementation of standardized parliamentary procedures to ensure due regard to every opinion, as well as systematic, equal treatment of all; and

Whereas, the New Jersey State Association of Parliamentarians has had a major influence on organizations throughout the State as a source of advice in proper methods of conducting deliberative business;

Now, therefore, I, Chris Christie, Governor of the State of New Jersey, hereby proclaim

April 2017 as Parliamentary Law Month

In New Jersey.

Given, under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of New Jersey, this eighteenth day of April in the year two thousand seventeen, the two hundred forty-first year of the Independence of the United States.

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